Friday, 9 November 2012

  • N strongly espoused my view that there r so mny other things to do in lyf besides mrg

  • N n C's wyf came for collctng subscriptn. most houwives r offended evn if ts 4 women's cause. commntd hw cm they can come at such an odd hr of the evning whn most hwives hv to perfrm househld works or for tht mattr ts d most suitabl tym 4 the tv soaps to whch they r glued to. n n C's wyf can none of thm hs anythng to do in the househld, the 1st is unmarrd and the latter hs her 2 daughtrs marrd off.
  • 'whistlng is a man thing, nt likely of a womn or a grl'